The Year 2022

My highlight was developing a course on Introduction to the Bible. It began when an indigenous church in Quito asked me, with a two day notice, to teach a course on an overview of the Bible. I've had the idea for decades in my head. This was an opportunity to put it all together. I would call the result my thesis of the Bible: God creating, redeeming, and ruling His people. I didn't write it all out. Instead, in my style, I created a 67 page PowerPoint. This is now my material for our Bible studies.
This year marks a turning point in our ministry and our lives: Faby's health. After several specialists, exams, emergencies, medicines, etc, the best treatment so far for headaches is a good cup of coffee at night. Still, after a few trial trips, we mad the decision that Faby can no longer make the trips to Riobamba and to the Quichua communities in the mountains. So we are planning to use our home in Quito (El-Tingo) for new ministry. We still keep in touch with several Quichua pastors.
God surprised us, and out of the blue sent us a couple with a five year old to live with us and help us around the house with cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. We met them at a nearby church, and soon became friends. We learned that they had lost their jobs in the Pandemic and were surviving doing odd jobs now and then. So we invited them to live with us in the first floor apartment. The arrangement is a blessing to both families.
We have now vacated our apartment in Riobamba, and have begun Bible studies in our home. We begin a new year looking forward to God's direction. May He surprise us!

Proverbs 16:9
Psalm 37:4
© 2022 A. D. G.