Ministry During the Pandemic 2021

Christ came into the world as a child. Children belong to the kingdom, and those who don’t receive the kingdom as a child will not enter into it.

This year, the second year of the Pandemic, God has opened the door to work with children. The ministry began when the migrants from Capulispungo, who live in Quito, began to meet at our home for their Sunday services.
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As usual, no one took on the kids, and Faby jumped in to help. I saw that she had too many kids, because some were between 2 and 4 years old, and other around 8 to 10 years old. So I decided to take on the older ones. There were only two: a girl of 8 and a boy of 10. I had never taught kids before, but I knew that a pastor, sooner or later, must learn how to teach kids. As a missionary once told me, “If you want to learn how to swim, you must jump into the water.”

So I began. I quickly learned that my forte is to use paper folding in order to teach the lesson. It worked very well for me. The kids loved it, because they were doing something during the whole lesson.

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A couple of months later, the church moved back to Quito, but the kids wanted to continue with me. So the 10 year old, Anderson, to my surprise, set up the meeting on Zoom, and invited his relatives and friends. The first night, I joined the link to find several children eager to learn! We have now met every Saturday night for the past nine months!

The most important lesson I learned was that if you prepare well for the class, both you and the kids enjoy it. I struggled and prayed to prepare each lesson, but now I see the results. I have learned how to teach kids. And I believe pastors should learn as well.

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So we began to visit churches with the vision to improve their children’s educational program. Easier said than done. Most pastors I’ve talked to have no idea what goes on with the kids during the Sunday service. They’ve delegated the task to some of their youth, and they’re busy with other priorities. I understand. But if they don’t prioritize discipling their children, in the future, they won’t have leaders for their church.

Recently, we visited a remote community called “Lirio” where we donated two new plastic tables for their barren classroom. We hope to spend some time helping the teacher.

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Now we’ve embarked on a new ministry during the Pandemic: teaching children the Kingdom of God. (Which includes training teachers and convincing pastors.) Pray for us!

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