Moving along by God's grace

Another wonderful weekend!

The Friday night Bible study in Riobamba broke a new record of 22 participants! From what we can tell, the folks are eager to study the Bible. Most are new Christians. We are trying the method of inductive bible study where they discover biblical truth for themselves rather than us "teaching them."


After driving to Quito on Saturday, we were invited Sunday to a "high school graduation." When a Quichua graduates, they like to celebrate. So the whole church visited the graduate's home for a worship service and celebration. These are the folk who have migrated to Quito from Capulispungo. Normally I visit the church to see how they're progressing with the bible program "FLET."


After the home service, we went to the church to review lesson #9 with the students.


On the side, I finally made a descent photo of our Foundation's office. God has provided and continues to guide us in this new ministry.