Practice before theory


So what's the best way to teach music? In Cachisagua they want to learn to play guitar and charango, but my monthly visits are not enough. They really should have weekly classes with a private teacher. We have agreed to teach not only instruments, but also music theory and theology of worship. This time I tried a different technique. I needed to see how they were progressing with guitar and charango, but I started with the sound system. As we put together the speakers, cables and mikes, I illustrated many of the points of singing, playing, and coordinating with the sound technician. I did this, because I realized that their high motivation is to put together a musical group. So I began there. I have decided that instead of waiting for them to be able to play instruments and explain biblical principles of worship, we're going to put together the group first, and then work on technique and theology. I'm still learning, and constantly praying for God's wisdom.