November 2018

Thanksgiving with family

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's home in Northern Virginia.


Celebrating my birthday along with my niece AJ.


Enjoying time with next generation (nieces and nephews).


AJ and Abby got lots of practice speaking Spanish with Aunt Faby.


The snowstorm surprised everyone! We hadn't seen it snow in years!


We spoke to a class at Fourth Presbyterian Church.


The four Gordon brothers playing Siamese Chess at Thanksgiving. (A Gordon tradition.)


We were able to spend lots of time with our mom.


God is good and He is faithful! Lam 3:23 1 Cor 1:9

Report of August Trip

Thanks to Mark Moran for this writeup of the trip they made from Fourth Pres to Ecuador in August. We look forward to another trip next year!


In USA with family

Always a joy to visit family in Washington DC. Staying with my brother Norman in Germantown, MD, and visiting my mom with my cousin Sandra.
Haven't seen it snow for years!



First Music


We only enter a community that invites us. Do they invite us to teach the Bible? Actually it hasn't worked that way. In every case we have been invited first to teach some music. Then after a few music workshops, (and participating in some worship services), they say they want to train their leaders. That's when we begin the Bible courses. Saturday, we continued in Cachisagua. They are about to finish book #2 of FLET. But it all began with Ruben (at right in photo) because we hit it off with the accordion. Actually, he taught me how to play their music on the accordion. Sunday, we visited a community near Cachisagua called Herrerias. We have been visiting them often to participate in their worship services, yet, again, it all began with music. Here we are teaching guitar to some of the youth, but at the same time, we are encouraging them to begin the Bible FLET program.