November 2016

Nothing like family - part 2!


You just can't beat being with your real family! God has allowed us to spent Thanksgiving in Wash DC with parents, brothers and sister, nieces and nephews, cousins, children of cousins (some whom I had never yet met!), plus two of our supporting churches. God is good! We have had a wonderful time renewing relationships and our souls! Praise the Lord that Faby felt well enough to make the trip!




Nothing like family!


This is the week to see family! Even before we travel to see my parents for Thanksgiving, we've had some celebrations here in Ecuador. First with a spiritual family who came to visit us: Sandy and Giovany with their newborn son Alan, then with Faby's family on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing my whole family on Thursday.


Just another test?


That's what the photo looks like: just another exam in Capulispungo. But they are now halfway through the 2-year course! We have a joke among the students by slightly changing the bible verse Matthew 24:13. Rather than say "but he who stands firm to the end will be saved," we say "But he who stands firm to the end will graduate!" And this is holding true. A few of the bright youth have found other interests and are dropping out. Yet we have two elderly men, who barely have a junior high education, and they are diligently completing the lessons, and "hanging in there." Looks like they are going to graduate. There's something to say for maturity.

Don't call us; we'll call you.


Segundo, above, came to us to let us know that he had 15 students lined up in his community who want to study FLET (a bible program we're using in Capulispungo). The photo below shows the community far in the background at 12,000 feet above sea level.


We inaugurated this program Saturday. The students are eager to learn. I offer to visit them only once a month, but they have decided to meet every Sunday to review together their progress with the bible study.


That was Saturday. Sunday, in Cachisagua, another community, while I was teaching music and liturgy, Faby was teaching the children. She has a natural gift for working with children and women. When we finished, the community asked Faby, on our visit next month, to teach a class for the women.




The need for training and teaching in the communities is great. We could use more help.