May 2017

R&R - Thanks to Dallas Bay Church


At first we didn't believe it was true: 4 days and three nights in a five-star hotel at no cost whatsoever! But Dallas Day Church in cooperation with Christian Hotel Network has a ministry to missionaries to give them a time of rest and renewal. So we enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Guayaquil at the Wyndham Hotel with 140 other missionaries. Most of the day was spent just relaxing, and we enjoyed food and fellowship, plus an evening meeting with everyone. Many thanks to all who made this retreat possible! Hebrews 6:10




Working and waiting...

Saturday we head out to visit a community. The roads wind through the Andes mountains.


At first they look empty, but indigenous communities lie everywhere!


We reach the church at Santa Julia…


And talk with a small congregation about the possibility of starting a bible program.


Many are interested, but not everyone interested was there.


Segundo is our indigenous contact person. He promotes the program and rounds up the people for our meetings.


Sunday, we drove 30 minutes beyond Santa Julia to another community called "Chinihuaco."


Again, Segundo is our contact person, who put us in contact with Pastor Fidel.

His congregation is small, but also eager to start a bible program.


Monday, we travelled with Luis to another community that wants help to start an economic project that will help them sell their products at a better price.


We continue to talk with communities, present our Foundation, offer our services, and wait on the Lord for the communities to organize themselves and begin a project with us. Patience. Patience. Psalm 27:14

As they say, "Change is here to stay!"


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the changes going on, but that's life. Sunday, the church in which we have participated for a few years, held it's last service in it's rented local. They have decided to move the services to the pastor's home because of lack of consistent attendance. Here we are celebrating mother's day.
On the other hand, the small church in Quito, which is an extension of Capulispungo, began a two-year bible program. (I forgot to take a photo.) We visited them at 1pm, after their service. I am finding that even though the study books clearly explain what they're supposed to do, they miss the point. So it helped to review the instructions.
And we continue to seek God's guidance as we change from Global Outreach to another organization. All in God's timing and God's plan.

A Big Step toward progress


We have been working in the community of Cachisagua for about one year training musicians for the church. We've come a long way and are finally seeing the fruit of youth being able to play an instrument. But this Sunday we made real progress. When we arrived, we found a group of about 40 children at the church. Usually they hold some type of Sunday school class for the children on Sunday morning. The worship service is held at 3 pm. So Faby took the children for a class, and I, with Alejandro, led a music workshop. But after both classes, we met with the church leaders to discuss the needs of the church. We wanted to make a more formal commitment and planning to really help the church. In an open forum, we listed the needs of the church, which were two: theological training for the church leaders, and preparation of Sunday school teachers. As I had expected, music was not the priority need for the church. This same cycle occurred in Capulispungo. I started there with music workshops, but we eventually changed over to theological education. So now in Cachisagua, we are in the same process. Next month we meet to plan the programs for theological education and preparation of teachers.



New Bible Program "FLET"


Sunday we inaugurated a new bible program of "FLET" in Quito. I'm really not interested in investing time in Quito, when there is so much greater need in the rural communities. But this church consists of members from Capulispungo! They have migrated to the Quito, looking for work, and have started their own church. The national director of the "FLET" program was kind enough to accompany us for the service, gave a great message, and prayed for the students. My prayer continues to be that one day they will return to Capulispungo, because there will be economic progress there.