March 2018

Four in one


Four meetings in one weekend! Sometimes I think we need to slow down, but the satisfaction of being in the Lord's work keeps us going.

Friday, we met in our apartment with the youth leaders from "Shobol Llin Llin." They want us to lead a day retreat, and I wanted to have them participate in the planning and execution.

Saturday, we returned to "Pachancho" where we are teaching them music, which includes voice, rhythm, guitar, piano, and sound. Since their culture and their music is so different from ours, I struggle to figure out how best to teach them what they want to know. But I enjoy being a student as well as the teacher and continuing to learn from them.


That same Saturday afternoon, Luis was in the office with those from "Capulispungo" who are participating in the project "Nucanchik." I dropped in to see how they're doing and continue to learn about them and their way of thinking. They are discussing with a lawyer who works with us how to legally form an organization or business. We delight to see how they are understanding what's involved in the process.


Today, Sunday was a first visit to a new community: "Herrerias." We participated in the worship service with music and preaching. They want workshops on music, but we'll have to agree on a plan. We'll see.


God's leading


I wanted to visit the church youth group in preparation for a retreat we are planning with them for April. We were impressed with a group of 25 youth, practicing for a Sunday presentation with military discipline. After an hour and a half of rehearsal, they ended and we spoke for a while with the youth leaders. A man interrupted our meeting to say, "The leaders of the church would like to speak with you." We had no idea what they wanted. The church leaders were meeting at the same time as the youth, and they wanted to know who we were. The pastor already knew us, but no one else did. Luis and I shared with them our ministry with the Foundation. In the end, Luis took a good half hour to explain to them our project "Nucanchik." Another half hour of question followed. They are very interested in the project! This is how God is leading us in many communities. We start with bible, music, or youth and end up discussing a community, economic project. Prov. 16:3


All in a day's work

Sunday, Cachisagua. We are reviewing lessons 1-4 of FLET, and they are getting used to what it takes to make the habit of studying every day and keeping up with the lessons.

WIN_20180311_112503 copy

WIN_20180311_112537 copy

After the regular session, Luis told them about our project "Nuchanchik." They were VERY interested!


On the way back, we dropped in for a quick visit in a nearby community, just to say Hi! and coordinate our visit in two weeks. As we left, someone went back into their house and came out with a live chicken for us to take home! Very generous of them! They asked me, "Do you know how to peel a chicken?" (Did they really expect me to answer that?)


As far as birds go, on the way back through the mountains, a falcon perched nearby for a photo, but he flew away before my camera could get a good focus.

CIMG8556 copy

And the sun was at just the right angle for a good shot of Chimborazo. All in a day's work.

CIMG8555 copy

Life in the Community


We arrived Saturday to organize the Bible Program FLET for the church. As soon as we arrived the men took off to help the pastor with his cow that was giving birth. We waited two hours for them to return. When they did the cow had died. All their efforts to extract the calf were in vain. We ate the lunch that the women provided, and then they returned to butcher the cow and use the meat. So much for the meeting. That's life in the community!