March 2017

Is it worth it?


I left our apartment at six in the morning on Saturday. I picked up Luis and José, and we headed out for Facundo Vela. Luis and I had never been there before. Chimborazo put on a great display that morning! But after an hour and a half of driving, we had to turn back and take another route, because a pickup coming back told us a land slide was blocking the road. Our first hour of the detour was paved, but then we spent two hours on a dirt road in rain and fog before we reached our destination of Facundo Vela. We had planned to arrive at ten o'clock for the meeting with those interested in a project, but we ended up reaching the church at twelve thirty! Luis wasn't thrilled that only three men showed up, and didn't expect much from the meeting. But after a few minutes, their enthusiasm changed his opinion. They are very interested in working with us. Sugar cane is their main crop, and brown sugar their principal product. They plan to get more people informed of our Foundation, and then give us a call. We drove the whole route back in rain and fog. I reached home at seven. Long, but rewarding day.



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The Foundation Begins!


Saturday we began our first meetings with three different communities near Salcedo in the province of Cotopaxi. These initial meetings were with community leaders. Luis explained the need to organize themselves first, then we proceed with training, and finally we begin the project. All of them are very interested. We pray for wisdom and guidance as we begin this process with them.



We heard you have a Bible Institute.


We have held bible classes in Capulispungo for four years now. First, a two year traditional seminary program, and then another two years using a structured inductive study of the life of Jesus. Word has travelled that Capulispungo has a bible institute. Did it take that long for the word to get out? I don't think so. I believe it takes that long for other communities to be convinced that the bible institute is for real. I've heard that other bible institutes have begun, but not lasted for long. So the key is perseverance. We don't have a spectacular bible institute, just one group of believers who want to study the bible and meet every month in a classroom with one professor or coordinator. But I think we have a good start. We continue to pray for direction in the next step: do we create more classes in Capulispungo or branch out to create extensions in other communities?


He teaches better than me!


If someone can do the job better than you, let him do it! Wow! Alejandro Mullo has accompanied me a couple of times to Cachisagua for music workshops, but this time he stole the show! I began the workshop my style. We covered a few bible verses, and began practicing the song we had been learning. Then Alejandro asked me quietly, "Can I lead the singing?" I let him take over, and saw that he knows how to teach his own people. He had them singing, parading, repeating the song over and over, etc. When I returned (the church leaders asked me to attend an emergency session right then) they were learning scales on the guitar. Praise God, he gave us an excellent teacher! Then I realized that this is what we´re looking for as a Foundation: teachers. We can´t do all the work. We´re going to have to broaden our team. Alejandro is first on the list.