March 2016

Last days in Ecuador

Laura, Ester, and Laurien are here for their last week in Ecuador. They spent most of their time in the Semila seminary in Riobamba, but for the last two weeks they are doing some touring. When they came to Quito, we had the privilege of hosting them for a few days and doing some touring with them. Thanks for coming gals! We enjoyed your visit!


On the Panecillo in Quito.

At the ¨Middle of the World¨

In the center of Quito on a street called ¨La Ronda

A Week of Workshops

Faby continues with her workshops for Sunday School teachers in Riobamba. This was the fourth workshop of five total.


I led a music workshop at a local church in Riobamba.

In Capulispungo, Faby had her third big turnout for a women´s workshop. This is a first in Capulispungo, because the Bible Institute has been mostly for the men.

In the Bible Institute we are diligently working with new material. With this program (FLET), they have weekly lessons to complete.

Planning for Interns


I took these three Ecuadorian youth to Capulispungo four years ago. Now at Semila we have three youth from Holland, and I was able to take them to visit Capulispungo. (Interesting that Valeria is in both photos.) At Semila, we continue to set up and plan for a more formal program for training youth for missions.



Working with the Semila Seminary


We are spending more time working at the Semila Seminary in Riobamba. Today we celebrated a staff lunch. We also have four volunteers (3 from Holland and 1 from the US) spending time at the seminary. Alan is working with Donata (the director's wife) in developing the missions discipleship program. Faby is working with Laura (the academics director) in training women for teaching children. We are enjoying being part of a team.