February 2017

We now have a Foundation! 501(c)3


We have been working and praying towards starting our own 501(c)3 organization here in Ecuador! Praise the Lord that after seven months of work, the Ecuadorian government approved on January 31st our new organization called, "Truth and Liberty" Foundation. Our main objective is to work with the Quichua communities in both theological education and social/economic development. This also changes our status with Global Outreach International (GOI). We will be partnering with GOI, no longer as missionaries, but as an NGO in Ecuador. This implies lots of changes, but we are excited that the "Truth and Liberty" Foundation will be a great asset to our ministry here in Ecuador. Pray with us as we make this transition.

Qualified to teach others


CAPULISPUNGO. We continue with our bible program. Next month they take the exam for book four. We have two more books to study to complete the course in another six months. I continue to impress upon them that their studies are not just for personal edification. They need to teach others. Their church wants to start a Bible Institute, but, I add, if they want an institute, they need to be the professors. We can´t continue to import professors from the city. So they´re getting used to idea. A big problem they have is that they think that professors from outside are always better than their own. We need to train them well to change that mentality. It will take time, but God is faithful!

Practice before theory


So what's the best way to teach music? In Cachisagua they want to learn to play guitar and charango, but my monthly visits are not enough. They really should have weekly classes with a private teacher. We have agreed to teach not only instruments, but also music theory and theology of worship. This time I tried a different technique. I needed to see how they were progressing with guitar and charango, but I started with the sound system. As we put together the speakers, cables and mikes, I illustrated many of the points of singing, playing, and coordinating with the sound technician. I did this, because I realized that their high motivation is to put together a musical group. So I began there. I have decided that instead of waiting for them to be able to play instruments and explain biblical principles of worship, we're going to put together the group first, and then work on technique and theology. I'm still learning, and constantly praying for God's wisdom.