December 2017

Elections at Capulispungo


Saturday in Capulispungo the church meet to prepare for elections on Sunday. Luis and I led a couple of workshops on leadership and service. Faby with Elizabeth and Pati directed a short Christmas program for the children. Every two years the church elects a new board of Deacons who work with the pastor in planning and coordinating the church activities. Much of our future participation depends on the new group that will be elected on Sunday. We pray for God's leading and direction for the church at Capulispungo. Romans 15:30



Learning about strawberries


A friend took us to her "garden." We learned a lot about Strawberries. I was surprised at the original investment. You have to clear the land, build the dirt mounds, install an irrigational system, cover the rows with plastic, and plant the seedlings. Once the plants begin to grow you have to spray, and prune regularly. I didn't think the investment was worth it, until I learned that you can harvest 20 bushels twice a week for a year and a half! Okay, now that adds up to some profit! I have a lot to learn about agriculture.


Before and after


At Capulispungo, I shared during the service about my father's life and testimony, and received condolencenses from the whole congregation.


But we were really there to talk to them about starting a project. You actually get a lot done before the service, talking with key people.


And then after the service holding a meeting to talk about details. We still hope to help them sell their products at a better price, but it's taking a while for them to get organized.


Honoring ancestors


One of the questions that arose during seminary was how to honor your ancestors. Some cultures pray to them, others worship them, others look to them for wisdom. Now that my father has gone to be with the Lord, the question has become very real for me. I found my answer in two perspectives: 1) remembering my father's life; and 2) following his example. To remember his life, I started a web page: and hope to compile memories of my own, and well as memories of others. Plus photos,etc. To follow his example, I continue to read many of his writings to learn more about his thinking, and I continue to remember the times when we lived together at Oak Manor and how his service and words impacted my life. His will be a hard act to follow. Hebrews 12:1