The Stark Reality

Every day I learn more about the Quichua communities and the dilemmas they are facing. These two photos represent two of those crisis.


In Capulispungo, on Saturday, the pastor and deacons were meeting to discuss plans for the church for the new year. They were talking about ordaining two pastors, building a new platform for the sanctuary, and a discipleship program for the church leaders. But the reality is that many church members are moving to the cities, and church membership is declining. They need economic projects that will keep them in their community.


Sunday we visited Cachisagua for a wedding. A young couple took their marriage vows to begin a new life together. All looks well. The reality? Many Quichua youth finish high school, marry, and move to the city. Neither he nor she have a more than a high school education. Neither will earn more than minimum wage the rest of their lives. The youth need to get a good education BEFORE they marry. I continually encourage those who are still single to strive for a college degree before marrying.