The Road to Missions


I have known Valeria and her parents since she was 6 years old. She's now thirty and with a call to be a medical missionary in Africa. She visited Uganda in 2013 for six weeks and confirmed her call to serve the Lord. Since then she has continued to pursue her medical studies (and theological too). She just received her medical certificate in the US and needs a few more years to obtain her specialization in Family Medicine. I told her years ago to get all the medical training she could before going to the field and she has taken the advice. May God continue to prepare her for serving others in Africa.




We've had some really good days as far as Faby's health is concerned. Drinking coffee at night, and no headaches during the day. We continue to pray for complete healing and God's direction.



Abel, the pastor from Capulispungo who lives in Quito, visited us yesterday with his family to see how Faby is doing with her health. Our coffee recipe seems to prevent her headaches most of the time. We are still in a healing process. Abel pastors a church of the migrants in Quito from Capulispungo, but it's not easy to pastor migrants who live scattered all over Quito and don't have cars for transportation. The idea is to help your fellow migrants, but the city changes the social dynamic that knit the folks when they lived together in the mountain community. So the church is struggling not just for existence but also for identity. There are no easy solutions. I admire Abel for his persistence amid many obstacles, including his own financial stability. Both he and his wife work to make ends meet. Often their children are at home alone. And yet Abel and Jessica heed the call to the ministry. May God bless them both!

Coffee, Tea, or Medicine?


We suspended Faby's medicine. It took away the headaches, but she was hallucinating in the mornings. So that ends experiments with anti-depressants. But God is good! Would you believe she started drinking one cup of coffee at night, and the next day she has no headaches? We've been seeing good results with coffee for one week now. Incredible! After all those doctors, medicines, experiments, and trials, coffee does the trick! God intervened because we had never thought of it, but Faby's sister just moved closer to us and we spend three evenings together drinking coffee, (just after we suspended the medicine). I noticed Faby's headaches disappeared. Then we double-checked by not taking coffee, and the next day the headaches reappeared. So for now Faby is a coffee drinker. Praying this solution will work.