Youth Retreat


From the same church where I"ve been teaching classes on Wednesday came the youth group for a weekend retreat. They held Bible studies and played games. Sunday morning they swam in the hot water pools here in El Tingo. To my surprise, three of the youth learned how to swim for the first time! Wow! I learned an important lesson as well. We heard at least three or four comments about us: "You're an ideal example of a happy marriage." Which confirms one of my thesis: What the church most needs today is examples of godly couples and stable homes. May God help us all!


Sunday school for the kids


Sunday we visited the church where the children I teach on Saturday nights attend. The pastor said they had prepared a classroom for the kids, but it turned out to be a dark corner in the back of the neighbor's house. Not very suitable for a classroom. So we held the class outdoors, just behind the sanctuary wall. After the service we held a short meeting with the congregation to recruit teachers. Thankfully, three women volunteered. Now begins the process of helping the church organize Sunday bible classes for the kids. They still have a long way to go. Praying for wisdom.




Sunday we returned to "Lirio" where we have offered to help with the children's program, particularly in training teachers. Not easy, because the couple who usually teach the children were absent. The pastor had asked us to give the message and recruit some new teachers. Still not easy. Not many are willing. We need to spend more time in the church. We can't recruit teachers in just one visit.


Saturday, in Riobamba, we gave a workshop for couples at the pastor's request. We had a good group. After switching between Faby and me for a couple of hours, we received many questions at the end. This church is only two blocks from our apartment. Hopefully we'll get invited back. We need to get to know the members better.


How long to continue?


The Saturday night Bible class continues. I had seven students this Saturday. Their church in Quito is now meeting for services on Sunday, and I'm wondering how long I should continue these classes. The church is about to equip a classroom for the kids, but they need teachers. Plus the kids may be too used to me as their teacher. We've been together for a year now. So it's going to be a process to get the kids used to classes at the church on Sunday. I may have to keep going for a while yet.