Back to the mountain tops!


One month ago we visited the community "Lirio" to donate two tables for the children's classroom. We promised to return to help the teacher with new ideas. So this Saturday we made it back to meet with Maritza and her husband. Just to get a feel for her planning, I asked, "What are you planning to teach tomorrow to the kids?" Her answer: "I'm going to prepare the class this afternoon." As I thought, she didn't have a plan. So we worked together to form a six-month program. She does well with songs and bible verses, but she hadn't experience with games and crafts. Here in the photo, I gave her some ideas for universal crafts: paper folding that can be used to draw any lesson. She really appreciated the help. We hope to find some more teachers since she and her husband handle 30 kids in one classroom.

This photo shows the community "Lirio" as we are driving up mountains toward it. I added the arrow, because you can barely make it out on the mountain top.


Sunday, we visited another community "San Isidro" on another mountain top.The plan was just to stop in and observe their program for the kids. As usually happens, I had prepared a class for the kids, just in case, but they asked me to give the message. Turns out, they don't have a kids program for only 4 kids. So I used my kids lesson for the adults! We made a small book from one sheet of paper and wrote down the three promises God made to Abraham and their fulfillment. The adults loved it! And invited us back to do some more teaching.