Small world


I keep wondering if we'll continue to have a ministry with the Quichua now that we're not able to visit their communities. God gave me a surprise on Monday. Just down the road from us a Quichua woman runs a small business of fruit and vegetables. Wherever I see a woman wearing the dress only those in Chimborazo use, I have to ask where they're from. She told me, "From Riobamba." I know enough that they're not really from Riobamba. So I pressed the question: "Where are you from?" She replied, "From Guamote." Again, I know that she's not from Guamote, a 45 minute drive South of Riobamba, but from some nearby community. I repeated the question: "Where exactly are you from?" "From Sablog." Sablog is a collection of communities on the mountain behind Guamote. I've been there, so I asked, "From Santa Rosa, San Isidro, San Francisco, or another of the nine communities of Sablog." Now I had her attention. She responded, "From San Isidro." I've been to San Isidro many times and know the pastor there, Luis Ortiz. We connected. Now we have a good relationship and stop by often. Our ministry to the Quichua continues.