Abel, the pastor from Capulispungo who lives in Quito, visited us yesterday with his family to see how Faby is doing with her health. Our coffee recipe seems to prevent her headaches most of the time. We are still in a healing process. Abel pastors a church of the migrants in Quito from Capulispungo, but it's not easy to pastor migrants who live scattered all over Quito and don't have cars for transportation. The idea is to help your fellow migrants, but the city changes the social dynamic that knit the folks when they lived together in the mountain community. So the church is struggling not just for existence but also for identity. There are no easy solutions. I admire Abel for his persistence amid many obstacles, including his own financial stability. Both he and his wife work to make ends meet. Often their children are at home alone. And yet Abel and Jessica heed the call to the ministry. May God bless them both!