Looking back


In 2002, my cousin Sandra, and her husband Bill, invited me to Thanksgiving in Tehachapi (paying for the plane ticket). Tuesday I arrived at Norman’s house and he told me we had Wednesday to hang out. Why don’t I visit Fuller Seminary? I met a professor who told me about Ethnomusicology and I ended up applying to Fuller. Once at Fuller we attended an Hispanic church. There I met Miguel Endara, an Ecuadorian who taught at a seminary here in Ecuador near our home. He invited me to help him teach bioethics at the seminary. The seminary recruited me for others courses, and then the director sent me to their seminary in Riobamba where most of the students were Quichua. Teaching there I received invitations to visit their communities and teach bible. Thus we spent the next 12 years in the Andes mountains with the Quichua. Thanks to their invitation.

God works in wonderful ways and uses his children for his purposes.