Pandemic, Students, Children


The Pandemic has changed our ministry as it has changed almost everyone's activities in the past year. We are no longer visiting communities. At first the communities seemed unaffected by the virus, but now this second year, the virus has made its way into the mountains. Plus close friends here in Quito have suffered both illness and death. The "stay at home" rule is still the best prevention.

So telephone calls and Zoom meetings are the methods to ministry during the Pandemic:

We continue to lead a bible class over Zoom with children of the migrants from Capulispungo.
Anderson, 10 years old, is our main contact and motivation.
Danilo, a university student from Shobol Llinllin, is struggling with classes. He didn't pass Calculus for the second time, and so has to wait a semester before he can resume his studies.
Pray for three students who want to begin university studies this year:
Joel and Marcos from Capulispungo, and Jefferson from Cachisagua.
Valeria Vallejo, who is a medical doctor and has been preparing to go to Africa for the past 8 years, is suffering because her whole family contracted the virus. Her grandfather passed away, and her dad is still recovering. Their hospital bills have accumulated a $30,000 dollar debt.
We also have a great-nephew of Faby's living with us.
David, 33 years old, wants to finish High School (by extension), and then enter the university.
Faby continues to recover from the operation on her cheek and lip. We are realizing it takes time for the inner healing, both physical and emotional.

Pray with us for God's blessing and His timing.