Always a challenge


This week we decided to visit our Sunday school kids instead of meeting on ZOOM. Of course, not all the kids could come, since half live in another city, but two families met for the church service. Ironically, even though we were physically together, we didn't have physical space to meet. The worship service, with a total of five adults (including Faby) met in the only room they use. So our car doubled as a classroom. The first half of the class we held in the back seat. Not the ideal environment, but we made it work. I spent most of the time trying to get them to understand the concept of "descendants." Then they switched to the back of the car to color their paperwork of 16 descendants. I'm not sure I taught them a whole lot about Abraham and his descendants, but I'm learning. My big success was not to give up or lose my cool when I couldn't control the class. Just keep talking, answer their offbeat questions, spend some time talking about what they're interested in, and then move back to the subject. I'm meeting the challenge of how to teach kids, and especially on ZOOM.