Meeting the challenge


It's one challenge to teach kids, but teaching over ZOOM adds another dimension. One of Faby's nieces is a preschool teacher. She showed me a website with some very useful tools: The teacher programs the content and the programs create various activities. On ZOOM we have two options to use the tools. I spent the first 15 minutes having the kids draw connecting lines on the screen. They have no problem with this technology! And the oldest is ten years old! Actually, in the photo above, the goal is to move the colored boxes into the matching white boxes. Turns out, on ZOOM, you can give the kids remote control of your computer. So they can move the boxes with their mouses. (We have to figure out with Salomon how to do this, because he's using a tablet. The mouse has buttons, but the tablet doesn't. Another challenge.) The kids are learning, and so is the teacher.