New tables for the kids


Back in September, we visited this community church in the mountains to see the pastor. I had slipped out during the sermon and visited the children's classroom. What most impressed me was that they didn't have any tables, just benches. I had always wanted to return and give this ministry some support. So we finally returned this Saturday. The church was hosting some conferences, but I told the pastor we were going to see the kids. When we arrived, the young teacher was giving the kids a bible lesson, but right away she asked us to show her some different activities. Faby reinforced the lesson, then we played some games. But in order to do some crafts, we needed tables. And that it what we brought them: two, new plastic tables, which were greatly appreciated and utilized. But would you believe, they didn't have any pencils or crayons! (I did.) There's much to do. The teacher, Maritza, wants more help. Lord willing, we hope to meet regularly.