Church family


This Sunday was different: we focused on family, food, and fellowship. Rather than a sermon, Faby led a time of sharing. We wanted to get to know the members and their families better. We are also trying to show the members the importance of programs for the children. Faby loves working with the kids, and we're praying that other members will join in to help.


We provided lunch for everyone after the service. The goal is to have more time for fellowship and sharing. The meal provides the atmosphere for such. After lunch, the men played soccer, and the kids jumped rope, but I forgot to take photos.


We now have a better idea of the families, who goes with who.

The Pastor and his family: Abel, Samantha, Brigit, Jessica and Alan.


The Pastor's mother in law and family: Elvita, Rosa, Stephen, Nataly


Two families: Jennifer, Mario, Piedad, Arial, and: Natan, Juan Manuel, Susana, and Salomon.


Cristian, Melany, Franklin, Ana, and ?

Nelson's family: Angel, Laura, Nelson, and ?