February 2020

Flet Level 1 Graduation


The church in Quito, made up of migrants from Capulispungo, held graduation Sunday for eight of their members. They finished the first level of the bible course FLET, the same course I've been supervising in Capulispungo for the past four years. The national director of FLET came for the celebration. We know each one of these members. They've been in our home, and we've counseled every one at one time or another. We pray for their spiritual progress as well as their economic and domestic advances. All part of the discipleship process.

Retreat in El Tingo


The youth group in Riobamba came to our house in El-Tingo for an overnighter. This is same group we are helping to start a Sunday school program in their church. During the retreat we didn't concentrate on the project, but on getting to know each other better. This included bible studies, meals, sports, and sharing. Even though I am still recovering from my operation, we are able to share our home and use it for ministry. All part of the disciple making process. Mat. 28:19-20



Being Patient


"See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains." James 5:7

Since my hernia operation, I've had to take things much slower until I reach full recovery. In the meantime, I can't drive; I can't do hard work; and I rest a lot. I have to be patient. But I'm learning that moving slower is not necessarily less productive. I've had time to some planning. We've received many visitors that we normally don't have time for. And other things just fall in place because it's God's timing and not mine. Faby works hard in the garden, but you can't rush the growth of a plant. It takes it's good ol' time, but the flower comes sooner or later. I'm still trying to see God at work every day and in everything. He has his perfect timing. We have to be patient, and when the time arrives "redeem it." (Eph 5:16)



Working hard to rest


Monday, I was ready for the operation. Psyched-up for the anestesia needle in the spine. Bilateral hernia in the groin. Praise God, all went well and I was dispatched in a little over 24 hours. But I wasn't ready for the recuperation. "You should not drive for the next two weeks at least!" O…k…a…y. That was a surprise. Had to cancel several engagements in Chimborazo, and get psyched-up for rest. So now we're at home in El-Tingo taking it easy. Lots of time to rest, think, and pray. (The photo is the view from my desk at home.)