Church Again


I really didn't think they would come every Sunday. Only one family has a car. The rest have to come by bus, switching buses once or twice. It takes more than an hour to get to our house. They travel with children! But they came this Sunday and plan to return next Sunday. We enjoy the fellowship. Of course if a whole family with children makes a long bus journey for a morning church service that ends at 1pm, they get hungry. So far, some members have brought a light lunch, but if they're going to come regularly, we need to provide a more substancial meal. The plan for next Sunday is a fried egg on rice. (Equivalent to the North American PBJ.) We're learning. Most pastors concentrate on ministering to the adults, and forget about the kids. Faby is really good with the children, so we're focusing on that part of the service (as well as the lunch afterwards). All part of church.