New Methods in Flet level 3


Saturday we began the Third Level of the FLET bible program. I'm going slow because this level requires a whole different system of study. Up to now the books were designed as "figure out the right answer." But level 3 asks for your own answer. I had to explain it slowly and demonstrate it, but they caught on quickly: "Hey guys, now you have to think and reason. We're not looking for the correct answer. We're looking for your answer. I want to hear your opinion and reasoning." We had some really good discussion. I'm pushing for them to "do theology." From my point of view, Western theology is done from within a scientific framework. I hope I can help them do theology from within their "nature" framework. Since they live and work in the mountains and countryside, I assume that makes up much of their worldview. I want them to see God and the Bible from their worldview, not from the Western worldview.

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In the bottom photo, I confirmed what I discovered in my dissertation: Quichua are more interested in their identity than in "theology." I took a thesis from 1948 that was a census of all the Indians in Ecuador. Their communities and populations are listed in the census. Without urging them to look, they spent time looking up their communities and reading about themselves. I had the same experience in El Tingo where we live in Quito. They were more interested in their history than in why they celebrate festivals.