Leading a Church Retreat


The church in "Quislag Chico" has an extension in Sangolqui just 10 minutes from our home in Quito. These are members who have migrated to the city looking for work. They wanted to hold a half-day retreat at our house. Our response has always been: "You're' welcome to come!" When asked if we could help with the music and teaching, we knew what to expect. We led the music, Alan taught on the Christian home, and Faby taught on evangelism. We also took turns taking care of the kids. In other words, we led the whole retreat. Not unusual. This is common in many churches: they hold many weekly activities, but have no general plan or goals in mind. In "Shobol Llin Llin," we have reached this discussion with the leaders, and I gave them a six month plan to consider, that deals with reviewing the gospel. The goal is to help them plan specific objectives for their church. It's all a process.