Three at once!


They all came at the same time! We had several visits lined up for Thursday. After limiting visits for the first six months on the Pandemic, people want to see us and catch up on news and relationships. Some were supposed to come in the morning, others in the afternoon, and others in the evening. Seems like they all agreed to come visit us at 7pm! First four youth from a church in Riobamba. We were helping them start a children's program at the church when the Pandemia hit. Antonio, the pastor at Capulispungo, and his wife, Rosa, arrived next. They wanted to talk about their son Walter, whom I am trying to help with his university studies. Right soon, Jose and Eduardo, rang the doorbell. They are leaders at the church in Shobol Llin Llin. Also, we had just set up a program in their church when the Pandemia changed all our plans. Three groups at once. So we held a general get-to-know each other session, comparing the different situations in each church. It was a good time of rebuilding relationships. As for planning, we're still in the wait-and-see mode. Psalm 37:5-6.

Sunday, the Capulispungo migrants in Quito held their first service since they closed their church. They have stored all their furniture in our backyard storeroom (
click here), and so came to our house for the service. We had 7 adults and 8 kids. Abel asked me to give the message. I included the kids in the message by having them draw the parables of Luke 15 and 16 on the white board. (And they can draw pretty well!) It kept their attention most of the message. I was trying a new strategy to have kids participate in the message instead of sending them off for a separate lesson.


True Discipleship II - 2 Tim 2:2


Danny, another Quichua student in Riobamba, spent five days with us at our home in El-Tingo. He helped us trim our Cipres trees, rake the yard, and clean the house. We baked banana bread, corn bread, and whole wheat bread. We played games and puzzles, and held daily devotions. We shared our home with him, and he shared his hands with us. All part of discipleship. Teaching the next generation all we know, and showing them how we live. Mt 28:19-20

That is discipleship!


Walter, a university student from Capulispungo, studying in Riobamba, comes over at noon for help with computer programming. Before starting we talk about his internet business and his classes. Then we talk about how he’s going to balance his time between the two. Maybe he could sell his business and study full time. Next I spend two hours helping him understand the logic of computer programming by writing some programs together. He logs in to his computer class at three o’clock. I listen for a while and then run some errands. Walter sits at the computer screen listening to the professor but not really understanding the lecture. At seven class is over and we eat dinner together at the table. We have spent eight hours together at our home, talking, studying, sharing, etc. I understand his life better and he understands mine. THAT IS DISCIPLESHIP!

In the photo are two more students we'll trying to help and encourage: Danilo (third from left), and Jefferson (second from right).

Great are your purposes


Meditating on Jeremiah, chapter 32. In less than one year, the Jews will be exiled to Babylon. Jeremiah is in prison for prophesying this disaster. The king Zedekiah accuses him for discouraging the people. Yet God tells Jeremiah to buy land from his cousin, because in the future, the Jews will return and once again buy and sell fields. There is a hope and a future for the people of God. He has his purposes in everything. "Great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds" v.19. God's purpose in the Pandemic? Nothing is too hard for God v.17,27. He is in control.

Hands tied by the Pandemia?


Sometimes it seems that way. Can’t travel. Can’t visit. Can’t congregate. Just telephone calls and internet.

Working at home is no problem. We’ve been using the time to fix up the house, waiting for the moment when we can use our house for conferences and retreats. The latest project is a total renovation of our garage and storeroom. We got rid of a lot of junk, but still have lots of wood for our chimneys. More room is now available to store chairs and tables, etc. for meetings in our shelter out back.

But just when I think that the ministry is on hold, the calls come rolling in. Luis, from Guamote, calls to say hi and we end up planning a meeting for Wednesday. His church leaders are confused by sects who deny the Trinity and Pentecostal groups who are baptized in the Spirit. Joseph calls out of the blue. He’s a former seminary student of mine who wants to start a Foundation in his church. (I’ve gained a reputation for helping people with the paperwork for legal status, be it a church or a Foundation.) I call Vinicio to see what happened to our ZOOM meetings. He expected me to call. I was waiting for his call. We have been discussing Liturgy and possible changes in his church. He also wants to gain legal status for his church. We scheduled two meetings for this week. Also, three students I’m following to see how they’re doing in their university studies. Danilo (from Shobol Llin Llin) and Walter (from Capulispungo) have passed the semester. Jefferson (from Cachisagua) didn’t do so well. I’m learning that they need to learn better studying habits. They also need some basic items such as a computer and a desk.

The ministry continues, based on the friendships we have gained over the years. God is faithful!