September 2019

Visiting Quislag near our home.


We finally visited the church in Sangolqui, only 10 minutes from our home in Quito, where the congregation comes from the community "Quislag," four hours south of Quito. We visited their community in August with the group from Fourth Presbyterian Church. I dropped in for a visit in this church four weeks ago. Most of the members have migrated in just the past two or three years, and most have minimum wage jobs. The church keeps the tradition of a woman's choir. Plus the pastor commutes between Sangolqui and Quislag every other week! What's their future? I don't know, but we are now witnessing the migration close to home. We pray for God's leading.

Teachers in Ambato


The pastor asked us for help in training his Sunday School teachers. The first workshop allows us to get to know the teachers, their situation, and the church environment. We had seven very eager-to-learn teachers, some with years of experience and others with only months of practice. They had never received any kind of training before. We spent most of Sunday with them, and then participated in the worship service that night. Faby gave a brief class for the children, and I gave a message on the difference between a house and a home. Lord willing, we will hold three or four more workshops for the teachers.



On the home stretch.


Only one more study and exam, and we'll have some graduates from the second level of FLET! We've been together for another two years to complete level two, and now we're at the final stage. The big decision now is whether to continue on to level three, or transition into a new ministry, perhaps visiting other communities and teaching what we have learned. Level three moves into more advanced studies. I told the students they were able to complete level three, but they would also have to dedicate three times the time and effort they were putting in on level two. I thinking it's time to do some practical ministry with the group. We continue to pray and see where and how God leads.

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Ministry from our Home #2


Faby continues to work with the single mothers. Saturday they came to our apartment for a day of fellowship and counseling. The task is not easy for Faby, and she depends on the Lord for wisdom. The women want to meet more frequently, and Faby hopes to meet with them for the next few Saturdays.

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Ministry from our home


This past week we didn't visit the communities. They came to us! Pablo Copa, in the first photo, coordinates the FLET bible program in "Capulispungo." It was the first time he visited our apartment in Riobamba. We began a plan to visit the students who come from other communities to see how they're doing in their ministries in their home communities.

Faby continues to work with single mothers from "Shobol Llin Llin." Pascuala came for a time of one-on-one counseling.


The leaders from "Shobol Llin Llin" came to coordinate the ministry with the single mothers. They are very interested and thankful for Faby's help in this area.


"Quislag" in Quito


In August, we visited a community four and a half hours south of Quito to participate in a VBS. "Quislag" lies in the Andes mountains in the province of Chimborazo, one of the most rural areas in the Ecuadorian Highlands. Yet Thursday, I visited folks from "Quislag" in their own church only 10 minutes from our house in El Tingo, Quito! They have migrated looking for work. The reality of their situation impacted me as I visited them as my new neighbors. They seek help, both spiritually and economically. We wait and pray to see where God leads.