January 2019

New Project and Wedding


God put it on Faby's heart to begin working in the community schools. In Cachisagua the director gave her an open door to teach ethics and values. Her vision is to begin with the professors which she is doing here. Most of them are well trained in teaching the regular subjects: Language, Math, Science, and History, but to help the children is their personal development was not part of their preparation. They received Faby with open hearts and minds, and are eager work in this area.

Sunday in Capulispungo, we participated as godparents of this newly wed couple. Not your typical wedding. Both are over sixty and widowed. Children and grandchildren witnessed the ceremony. At the reception we learned through participation one of their traditions. The bride and groom, plus godparents, prepare a special treat to end the event. We mixed soup, barley flour, sugar, cheese, banana, and oil to make a paste. First we had to try it, and then hand it out to all the guests until none was left. It's called "chapo." If we didn't have "chapo" it wouldn't be a celebration.




Ordination of a Pastor


The church in Capulispungo has a daughter church in Quito, made up of those who have migrated to the city. For some time, a young fellow has been pastoring the church, and finally the mother church decided to ordain him. The ordination took place in Capulispungo on one Sunday with the folks from Quito traveling to Capulispungo. The following Sunday we celebrated his installation in Quito. The church in Capulispungo rented a bus to participate in the ceremony.
In looking for some ritual, the deacons decided to present the new pastor with a real, live lamb for his ordination to represent his care for the "sheep." For his installation, they presented him with a staff to represent his authority as pastor.





The Test

The book of Jeremiah is proving to be a real test for the class in Capulispungo. As they say, "This is what separates the men from the boys." The course reviews all 52 chapters of the book of Jeremiah. Most of the students have never delved into a book as much as this course does. It's not difficult, just a lot of information. So they asked for an extra month to study and review for the exam. I understand their plea, but I assured them that when they finish this book, the next three on Paul's missionary journeys are much easier. Just get over this hump and the rest is downhill. I'm going to let them make up their own "cheat-sheet" for the exam. That sounds like I'm giving them a break, but really there's so much information, that if they can organize it all on one sheet of paper, they've mastered the material.

The Start of a New Project


I asked Ruben if the church leaders had ever thought about developing an economic project in Cachisagua. He said, "Yes!" They've had the idea of a flour mill for several years. Our good friend Patricio Vega with his wife Giovana heard about the idea and want to get involved. Patricio gave them a bigger vision than they had imagined: not just provide the service to grind grain, but to stock it and sell it wholesale later. (We celebrated Faby's birthday at our apartment afterwards.)


That happened Saturday. On Tuesday, I met Ruben at the local seminary in Riobamba, and he told me that when he talked with the others about stocking grain, they said the idea was too big for them!


But Faby and I visited them on Thursday, and they were excited about Patricio's vision. They already have a piece of land picked out for the mill and the storehouse.
We continue to pray and see what the Lord will do. Proverbs 16:3