December 2019

Tent Meeting Quichua Style


Many Quichua communities hold a big tent meeting every few years. We were invited to give workshops for such a meeting in "Herrerías." The plan was to work with women and youth, but after arriving we found out that we were to give general conferences and classes for children. You have to be prepared for anything. I've also learned that these tent meetings are not just for conferences, but also for fellowship. Nicky, my niece who is visiting with us, and I got involved in peeling potatoes. They have to feed 1000 people each night! As someone continued to dump sacks of potatoes for peeling, we chatted with folks and had a great time. (We also gave our classes.)


Building the Team


This Christmas Sunday we saw the youth group in action. These are the ones whom we are preparing to launch a new Sunday School project at their church in Riobamba. On Sunday they prepared a Christmas program for children from the church and the neighborhood. Faby and I showed a movie of the Christmas Story, but the youth prepared songs, dance, and games. The new project begins January 26th.


Sowing and Watering


"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow." 1 Corinthians 3:6

Faby continues to plant and water in these women's lives, and we pray that God will give the growth. Their lives are very complicated, and at each meeting Faby discovers more of their problems and conflicts. They are meeting in one of the homes in the community, and their children are ever present. It's not easy, being a single mother, to work and take care of the kids, but at times they overload the grandparents with their responsibility for the children. Faby not only meets regularly with the group, but also individually with the mothers where she can address their particular situation. This is Faby's gift and ministry. May God give the growth!

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Sunday School Project


One youth from a church in Riobamba asked us to help him start a Sunday School program for kids in his church. We have held six workshops up to now, and have a stable group of eight youth who are committed to teach kids. The plan is to teach 50 kids each Sunday from 9-11am about Christ and the Bible. Faby has emphasized their need to know Christ and to be an example for the kids. During Christmas they are going to register the kids. In January we have planned a couple of days to fix up the classrooms. And we plan to begin classes the third week of January. This is our prayer: for a strong Sunday School program in this church, that will also be an example for other churches. Many churches have long abandoned Sunday School and the lack of Bible knowledge in the church today is the result.

This group of eight has shown a commitment to the project.


Faby shares her years of experience in working with children.


We lost electricity one night, but continued with the lights from the cellphones.


Ministry at home


In Riobamba, we live in an apartment complex of two towers with 9 apartments each. Back in June, Alan was elected as administrator of the complex for one year. Building maintenance is the main responsibility, but everyone also wanted a social get-together. We provided the tents, tables, and chairs. Everyone pitched in for the food, and a few people brought games. God gave us a beautiful day, and we had a total of 25 persons who enjoyed the games and the food on the terrace. We pray for good relationships and more times like these. This was a first.




Celebration with single mothers


Faby continues with her group of single mothers. Not an easy task, as much of the ministry takes place over phone calls. But this Saturday, we met at the home of one of the mothers in their community of "Shobol Llin Llin." Pretty impressive house! Nice floor and doors. The bathroom was incredibly clear with ceramic tiles on both the floor and walls. Faby insists on Bible study and accountability. But after the main meeting, the women had planned a birthday party both for me and for one of the women. We have the same birthday. I was impressed by how many kids were around. More kids than adults. Reminds me of the importance of children. Few churches have strong kids programs. I should be prepared to work with kids anywhere, anytime. Since I didn't attend the main meeting, I could have been working with the kids who were playing outside.

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