Cancer: one day at a time

We have pretty much spent the last three weeks helping a pastoral couple, Concepcion and Carmen, with all that's involved with his cancer. The first week he spent in a government hospital that didn't have the equipment to diagnosis his condition. Faby and I spent days trying to obtain his transfer to an adequate hospital. God worked a miracle and used a social worker to grab a vacancy minutes often it was avaiable. The second week Concepcion received attention, but not a full diagnosis. In the meantime, we moved Carmen from the apartment she was renting into our home where she won't have to pay rent. Carmen spent most of her time in the hospital with her husband, and didn't spend a single night at her new place in our home. This week Concepcion was transferred to intensive care, and has a confirmed diagnosis of cancer in 60% of his body, with complications in his lungs and kidneys. With Carmen, we take it one day at a time. God is good and knows what He is doing. Philippians 1:6