I continue to find informal times even more productive than the formal ones. Friday, in "Shobol Llin Llin," as Faby met with the single mothers to continue the discipleship process, I found myself talking with some of the men. They were supposed to have a formal leaders' meeting, but since the two principal leaders couldn't come, this meeting wasn't "formal." Yet we discussed the church's legal papers, the recent protests, activities in the church, their families, etc. Couldn't have planned a discipleship meeting any better!

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Saturday, in "Capulispungo" the pastor, Antonio, invited some local pastors, not to a conference, but to come for a time of sharing. Not many came, but those of us present shared our experiences as pastors. The goal is to have fellowship, because many pastors feel lonely. (Just a note: one pastor couldn't come because the church was hosting a funeral. Another couldn't make it, because the community was having yearly elections, and if you're not present, you receive a $50 fine! That's the way communities work.)


Sunday, we visited "Cachisagua." Just to see how things were going. They had decided the night before to celebrate "Pastor's Day." So when we arrived they were preparing chickens for lunch. (Note: I learned from a conversation that the community was about to hold a trial for a man in adultery. The trial has a formal process, with local authorities and lawyers, but the process includes a beating with nettles, then a bath in cold water. In Ecuador they call it, "Indian Justice.")